A Checklist For Getting Ready For Your Next Home Addition


You’re finally ready to invest in that home addition you’ve been talking about for years. Read the following checklist to help you through the process of creating your dream addition.

Decide what addition you’d like to invest in. This will be the easiest part as you will most likely have something in mind. Popular home additions include; decks, enclosed porches, pools, or remodeling a room in your home.

Find out the added value. Any home addition will most likely add some value to your home. Finding out an estimated added value is a great way to see your home addition project as less of an expense and more of an investment into your home and future. According to U.S. News, renovations that bring the greatest percentage return on investment (ROI) are; entry door replacements, deck additions, attic bedroom, garage door replacement, and kitchen remodels.

Know your zone. Rules and regulations for home additions vary from place to place. Check on your local government’s website to find out any restrictions. Gather the blueprints of your home to make sure you’re building on your property.

Set a budget you are comfortable with.


Do some research to help figure out your budget. Remember, low-cost materials may save you money initially, but they will take more maintenance and upkeep. However, higher quality materials like wood will last for decades and save you money in the long run.

Have a plan. Communicate your ideas and goals with the company you’ve hired. Make sure your vision and their vision match up before any work is done. This will save time and money.

Know who you’re hiring. Check online reviews and make sure you’re hiring someone who will be honest and hard working. As a customer of TH’s once said: “They arrived on schedule and completed the work in just a few hours, work that other companies claimed would take days.” An addition can be a long project, so make sure you’re hiring a company you can trust.

Know your materials.


If you want your new addition to be as green as possible, make sure your builder knows. Using energy-efficient or recycled materials are some of the easiest ways to go green.

Be patient. Home additions are an exciting process and it’s easy to want to rush things and get them done as quickly as possible. If you have a company you trust doing your home addition, you should be able to relax and know your project is in good hands and will be done by the established deadline.

Enjoy your new home addition! This is the most important step. All of your hard work has finally paid off and you can relax and enjoy your new home addition. Throw yourself a party so your family and friends can all enjoy your new space.

Interested in a new home addition? Call TH Remodeling & Renovations for a quote.


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